Funding Opportunities

Check these pages regularly for announcements of funding opportunities in information technologies that available through CASE and a variety of other sources.

CASE Helps Companies – and Faculty – Find Support for Collaborative Research

CASE offers seed funding to launch projects, as well as matching funds and reduced F&A for larger scale university-industry collaborative research. In addition, CASE can assist our industry partners in identifying faculty collaborators and pursuing a wide range of funding opportunities on the local, state, and federal level. If your company has R&D needs, we can help make university-industry collaborative research affordable. Call CASE today.

External Funding

CASE works to assist both our industry and faculty partners in seeking grants to support collaborative research projects. If you have identified an opportunity, and would like to discuss it with CASE, please do not hesitate to call.

Current Opportunities

Below are a few current funding sources that might be of interest:

CASE University-Industry Seed Funding Program

CASE offers, on a rolling basis, seed funding for nascent university-industry collaborations. These awards, typically up to $50,000, can be applied at any school or college at Syracuse University to support faculty and graduate students conducting applied research, completing proof-of-concept studies, and/or accumulating preliminary data that will enable a company to justify ongoing investment in further study or to acquire federal grants to enable them to pursue ongoing collaborative research. Application information is available at CASE, or can be downloaded below.