Active Faculty



Bai Yu Social Media Mining, Text Mining, Intelligent Agents and Multi-Agent Systems
Biao Chen Wireless Communciations
Can Isik Controls, robotics, neural networks and fuzzy systems, signals and systems, digital circuits, analog circuits, and ECS ethics
Carlos Caicedo Computer networking, Mobile Application Development and Design, Telecommunications Technologies (Wired and Wireless), and Network Security
Chilukuri K. Mohan Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, Evolutionary Algorithms, Uncertainty Optimization, Pattern recognition.
Dacheng Ren Systems biology and biotechnology
David Dischiave Process and data modeling techniques, object-oriented software engineering principles, object-oriented database management systems and database security techniques.
Ed Lipson Medical imaging & nuclear medicine (MRI, PET, SPECT)
Ercument Arvas RF/Microwave Devices and Circuits, Electromagnetic Scattering.
Fred Schlereth Design of VLSI Signal Processing Circuits for Software Defined Radio
Heng Yin Malware defense, smartphone security, digital forensics
Jae Chan Oh Multi-Agent Systems, Internet Information Retrieval, Resource Sharing and Allocation
Jason Dedrick Globalization of information technology, the economic and organizational impacts of IT, national IT policy, the offshoring of innovation and knowledge work, and Green IT
Jian Tang Wireless Networking and Mobile Computing, Cloud Computing, Green Networking, Design and Analysis of Algorithms
Jim Fawcett Software, Control Systems, Computers, Communications
Jeff Stanton Research methods, psychometrics, and statistics with a particular focus on self report techniques such as surveys.
Joon Park Information and systems security
Kevin Du Computer System and Network Security, Data Mining, Distributed Computing
Kishan G. Mehrotra Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms
Lee McKnight Wireless grids, nomadicity and mobility; the convergence of the Internet and telecommunications industries
Lixin Shen Wavelet analysis, Image and signal processing
Markan Fardad Optimal sparse network design in large-scale dynamical systems
Mark Glauser Turbulence, Energy Systems, Built Environments, Fluid Mechanics of Breathing and Coughing
Melissa Green  Experimental fluid dynamics
Michael A. D’Eredita Skill acquisition, expertise, “virtual apprenticeship,” and “collective expertise.”
Murali Venkatesh Telecommunication and Networking
Mustafa Cenk Gursoy Wireless communications, Info Theory, Signal Processing, Wireless Networks
Nancy McCracken Natural language processing, data mining for enterprise applications, and information retrieval
Phil Borer Drug discovery and diagnostics based on nucleic acid switches that respond to ligand interactions, Aptamer discovery and validation
Ping Zhang Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) in various contexts
Pramod Varshney Communications, Signal and Image Processing, Multisensor Data/Information Fusion
Qinru Qiu Dynamic power, thermal and performance management of multiprocessor system-on-chip
R. David Lankes Concepts of librarianship, credibility, and innovation in the information age.
Senem Velipasalar Computer Vision, Video/Image Processing, Signal Processing
Shiu-Kai Chin Formal Methods, Information Assurance, Security, Software Engineering.
Stephen Chapin Operating Systems, Distributed Systems, Computer Networking , Computer Security, System Assurance.
Susan Older Semantics of Programming Languages, Concurrency, Fairness, Logics of Programs, Formal Methods.
Tapan Sarkar Analysis and Design of Electromagnetic Radiation from Various Devices Like Computers
Thong Q. Dang Fluid Mechanics, CFD, Aerodynamics, Propulsion, Turbomachine, Energy & Indoor Environment Quality
Yuesheng Xu Numerical analysis, Integral equations, Wavelet analysis, Image and signal processing, Computational mathematics