Our Mission

CASE’s vision is to be the University applied research center best able to rapidly assemble interdisciplinary academic and private sector teams to develop innovative solutions in complex behavioral, information and communication systems to accelerate business and community growth.

Our Mission is to catalyze growth in the high-technology economy of New York State by fusing technical competency with industry-specific knowledge to advance applications of predictive analysis, monitoring and/or control of complex behavioral, information and communication systems.

We accomplish this by:

  • Providing a first point of contact and portal for the private and public sectors to access the University from individual entrepreneurs to high-growth start-up companies to established multi-national corporations and economic development organizations;

  • Fostering expertise and supporting research and development projects in a wide range of information-intensive systems from social behavior to financial transactions; current focus areas include data fusion, data mining, control systems design, systems modeling and analysis, systems security and assurance, bioinformatics, intelligent computing, sensor networks and management, microwave systems and antenna design, communication systems and networks, and will expand as CASE engages new faculty and industry partners.

  • Facilitating, supporting and providing project management for university-industry collaboration in research and development;

  • Providing fast, flexible access to talented students;

  • Bringing together interdisciplinary teams from industry and academia for brainstorming and networking to foster and spawn innovation;

  • Identifying funding opportunities and assisting university-industry teams in developing and delivering successful proposals and projects;

  • Promoting and cultivating entrepreneurial activities, start-up ventures and technology commercialization, including onsite incubation;

  • Providing access to University facilities and resources.